Tom McConville & Pauline Cato
Songs and Tunes from Northumberland with Fiddle and Bagpipes

Thursday November 9, 2000
7:00 PM Prompt
6:30 Refreshments
Donation $10

From Northumberland, England, Tom sings and plays fiddle and Pauline is one of the greatest virtuosos ever to play the Northumbrian small pipes. The music of this former coal-mining region in the Northeast tends toward the playful and joyful, despite the hardships faced by the people who created it. Tom's singing style puts the song front and center where you can focus on it without distraction. He is also considered one of Britain's best fiddlers. And Pauline is simple a master of this delicate and beautiful oxymorons of the bagpipe family. They come highly recommended by fellow Geordie Anni Fentiman. Listen to a Real-Audio sample of Pauline Cato taken from a Smithsonian Folkways recording.