Photo by Aaron Farrington

Devon Sproule
from Charlottesville, Virginia

Photo by Gary Martin

Ashley Mayne
from Hudson, NY

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 
7:00 PM Prompt
6:30 Refreshments
Attendance by Invitation
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Born to hippie parents on a commune in Kingston, Ontario, Devon Sproule claims dual citizenship with both Canada and the US. After moving between private, public and home schooling, she eventually left high school, recorded her first record, and began touring nationally -- all before the age of eighteen. The All Music Guide describes her latest album, "Keep Your Silver Shined" on Waterbug Records, as "a marvelous collection of songs and, frankly, it evokes a sense of place better than any album since Lucinda Williams' 1999 masterpiece Car Wheels on a Gravel Road." The BBC says, "Vintage country...with jazzy sophistication...beautifully sparse arrangements and melodies that surprise the ear when you first hear them, but which then get under your skin much more than anything more obvious would."

In addition to her solo recordings of mostly original songs, Devon and her husband Paul Curreri, record a homemade free album of mp3 downloads, each year for Valentines Day, mostly of cover songs and traditional songs.

Ashley Mayne is an actress and college student who grew up attending the Kerrville Folk Festival from an early age. She has an eclectic repertoire that includes songs by some of the best contemporary writers, traditional songs from Appalachia and Ireland, and a few original songs. At least that's what little I know from hearing her in song circles at Kerrville and Falcon Ridge. I don't know if she performs her music publicly with any frequency, but she's so good I needed to hear her again.

It's taken me about 3 years to find a date that Devon could do and a year to find a suitable opening slot for Ashley, so I'm really excited that this concert came together.